A new chapbook of original Jewish prayers

by Rabbi Brant Rosen



Praise for Songs After the Revolution:

"A prayer book for radicals by a post-Zionist Rabbi who urges us to look deeply at our false piety and communal hypocrisy in American and Palestine. Brant Rosen has penned an unrepentant demand for justice and for the heavenly kingdom on earth where "we’ll make sure there’s room for all.'"

- Kevin Coval, poet and author of “A People’s History of Chicago”

"Who among us thinks of Jewish prayer after the Holocaust - what was done to us - and after Israel - what we are doing to the Palestinian people? I rarely did. Until one day I stumbled upon these prayers, so stark, so haunting and so beautiful."

- Marc Ellis, author of “Toward a Theology of Jewish Liberation” and “Finding our Voice: Embodying the Prophetic and Other Misadventures”

"Brant Rosen’s prayers call readers to wake from our sleep and hear the prophetic cry for justice embedded in Jewish tradition. May they strengthen us to work toward the day he describes, when we can raise the cup of freedom, when all who are hungry for liberation can come and eat."

- Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, blogger, “The Velveteen Rabbi” and author of “Open My Lips: Prayers and Poems”

"Brant Rosen delivers a powerful poetic witness to the deeply troubling outcome of Jewish nationalism while, in true prophetic tradition, lifts up his fierce love of our humanity.  This work infuses Jewish holy days with the courageous truth that liturgy requires to sustain us through these challenging times."

- Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, author of “She Who Dwells Within” and “A World Beyond Borders Haggadah”


About the author:

Brant Rosen is the founding rabbi of Tzedek Chicago and author of the book "Wrestling in the Daylight: A Rabbi's Path to Palestinian Solidarity" (Just World Books 2012). His writings, poems and prayers can be found in his blogs "Shalom Rav" (rabbibrant.com) and "Yedid Nefesh" (ynefesh.com).


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