Tzedek Tashlich at Montrose Beach


Monday, September 10, 3:00 PM

at Montrose Boat Harbor

All ages are invitied to Tzedek Chicago's Rosh Hashanah afternoon ceremony of Tashlich: a mix of prayer, song, poetry and of course the symbolic casting away of our misdeeds (actually bread crumbs!) into the waters of Lake Michigan. 

Our Montrose Beach location is totally accessible, just east of Lake Shore Drive, has a beautiful view of the city and the water and plenty of parking. All ages are welcome.

Our New (Very Explicit, Extremely Foolproof) Directions to our Tashlich Location:


• If you are coming on Lake Shore Drive from either direction, exit at Montrose.

• Go east on Montrose over the small bridge and park right there on the street for free.

• If there is no street parking, drive a little further to a large parking lot on the north side of the street. It has black iron gates at the entrance and costs $1/hour. Look for the Tzedekers with signs.

• We will meet for Tashlich by the tall white poles that hold bird houses for purple marlins right next to the water. There will be people with signs and lots of sailboats.

• If you drive farther east and see rowboats stacked up on your right, TURN AROUND, you have gone too far. If you come to a street called Montrose Harbor Drive, you have gone even farther too far. Turn around and come back to us!

• The most important direction is: YOU MUST ENTER ON MONTROSE! (If you enter on Wilson, the next exit north, hard experience tells us you will be lost.)


We look forward to seeing you there!