Q&A for the New Year


Q: Should I be a member of Tzedek Chicago?

A: If you are inspired by our core values and want to be part of a congregation seeks to promote these values, we would love you to become a member of Tzedek Chicago!

Q: Do I have to live in or near Chicago to be a member?

A: Not at all: if you think a congregation such as ours is important and necessary, we hope you will support our work by becoming a member.

Q: How do I become a member of Tzedek Chicago?

A: Information about re/joining Tzedek will be sent out shortly. Our major membership push will begin on October 1, after the High Holidays. Stay tuned!

Q: Most synagogues push for membership before the High Holidays. Why aren't you doing that too?

A: Our board made a decision to "decouple" the High Holidays from membership. We don't believe in using the holidays as an incentive to become a member. (See the answer to our first question for more about this.)

Q: So I don't need to be a member to attend High Holidays?

A: The cost for the holidays is the same for members and non-members: $20.00 per adult (18 and older) for each of the major holidays. We're doing this to help offset our costs (i.e. facility rental, printing and refreshments).

Q: Where can I get more information about High Holidays at Tzedek Chicago?

A: Right here.

Q: Thanks.

A: You are very welcome. If you made it this far, we have the feeling you are excited about what we're creating here at Tzedek Chicago. We look forward to seeing you in the coming year!