March 20, 2020 // Adar 24, 5780

March 20, 2020

Adar 24, 5780

Dear Haverim,

I hope this email finds you and those you love healthy and safe. To those who are ill - or have loved ones who are - I know our Tzedek Chicago community joins me in sending you blessings of healing, strength and love. 

It goes without saying that as we become increasingly housebound, we're more in need of spiritual/emotional connection than ever. To that end, Tzedek has been creating a variety of different opportunities to bring our members, supporters and friends closer together. You'll find a number of these virtual events listed below - please share this information with anyone you know who might enjoy them as well.

As is evident from the content of this email, every single member of our staff has responded to this new reality with creative new offerings for our Tzedek community. We are so blessed that they are rising to meet the challenges of this moment in such an inspired way - and I feel truly grateful to call them my colleagues. 

I've been thinking a great deal lately about the fundamentally counterintuitive nature of this moment: i.e., the challenge to serve the greater good by literally separating ourselves from one another. Whatever else happens, we know the world post-pandemic will be a changed place in many ways. While we do not yet know the precise nature of these changes, it is my profound hope that we finally come to understand the innate fallacy of individualism - as well as the eternal truth of our interconnectedness. Or to paraphrase the final line of my latest new Psalm:

This may well be our final chance to grasp the most basic of lessons: that in the end, we only have each other.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Brant Rosen