Craig and Cindy Corrie on sacrifice and solidarity

Craig and Cindy Corrie founded the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice after their daughter, Rachel Corrie, was killed by an Israel Defense Force bulldozer in 2003 while defending Palestinian homes in Gaza from demolition.

The Corries have devoted their lives to promotion of cooperation within and between local and global communities, with a special focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Craig and Cindy were the featured speakers at Tzedek Chicago on Yom Kippur afternoon this year. During the session, we reflected on the meaning of Rachel's sacrifice on behalf of Palestinians, and the lessons in her story for all of us seeking to stand up for people living in places of oppression.

"Yom Kippur calls on us to let go of our fears," Cindy said during her remarks. "In 2012, a reporter asked me how I felt about an Israeli judge's statement that Rachel should have moved out of the bulldozer's way in delivering his not-guilty verdict. I responded, 'I don’t think that Rachel should have moved- I think we all should have been standing there with her.' "

We are posting video of the Corries' remarks below, along with their dialog with Tzedek members.