April 10, 2020 // Nisan 16, 5780

April 10, 2020

16 Nisan, 5780

Dear Haverim,

Over the past two weeks, Tzedek Chicago has been adjusting to the quirky, strange reality of offering services and programs via Zoom. While it's safe to say it isn't the ideal medium for bringing people together in spiritual community, I know that so many of you are grateful for these creative opportunities to connect with one another during these days of physical separation.

One not-so-welcome aspect of this new reality is so-called "Zoom Bombing" - the phenomenon in which intruders crash online calls in order to cause disruptions. I've already heard from more than one colleague who had the horrible experience of people yelling antisemitic comments and/or sharing hateful images during services and programs. We're lucky that this hasn't happened to us - but we'll nonetheless be taking measures going forward to help ensure the sanctity of our online programs.

Thus, from now on, we will no longer publicly publish links to Zoom calls on emails or Facebook. Rather, we will now be requiring interested participants to send an email to info@tzedekchicago.org to receive this information. We will also be requiring passwords for anyone who wants to access the call.

Please note that there will be individual links for each program or service, so you will need to email separately for each date. We also ask that you not forward this information to others - if you know of people who would want to attend, please tell them to contact us via email.

We do hope to see you at our upcoming programs, including tomorrow's Torah study with Prof. Marc Ellis and Tuesday's Passover seder (see info below). If you intend to come, please make sure to send us emails for the appropriate links. We apologize for the inconvenience - as I mentioned earlier, such is the surreal reality with which we must now adjust. (Did you ever think even two weeks ago you'd be learning about something called "Zoom Bombing?!") 

Wishing you every blessing during this season of liberation. I hope you have been having a happy Passover, and that your loved ones are healthy, safe and secure. 

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Pesach Samech,

Rabbi Brant Rosen