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Tzedek Chicago has adopted a model of sustaining member contribution" - an amount that the Tzedek board determines, based on the amount that we need from each adult member, to sustain our congregation. For 2018-2019, that amount is $400 per adult. 

We know that some of our members will be able to afford a larger amount - and we encourage you to give more generously to what we are building if you can do so! We also know that some members will not be able to afford this amount - and these members should feel comfortable contributing any amount that is affordable for you.

We want to emphasize that this is completely different from the old synagogue model, where the onus is on the members to ask for dues relief. Tzedek will gladly accept whatever contribution you can make toward sustaining the congregation - with no questions asked.

Your membership contribution (and other donations) are tax deductible.