"Justice Shall Dwell in the Garden" - A Sukkot Celebration

Please join Tzedek Chicago and Chi-Nations Youth Council for this very special Sukkot celebration with featured guest, poet/liturgist Aurora Levins Morales.

Sukkot is a Jewish harvest festival in which we build temporary shelters where we eat and sleep for eight days. As 21st century Diaspora Jews, we envision this holiday as a time to focus on our relationship with the earth more deeply, to commit more deeply to the work of protecting the planet.

We also believe this spiritual work can only be done responsibly if it's fully aligned with Indigenous struggles for land and sovereignty. If Sukkot is to celebrate the protectors of earth and water, it must also be a holiday of solidarity with Indigenous people. So too, it must foreground the experience of Jews of Color and Indigenous Jews - while white Jews must do the difficult work to face their history as settlers.

This Sukkot - which coincides this year with Indigenous People's Day - we will gather together at the Chi-Nations Youth Council's First Nation Garden and Wigwam for a shared meal, followed by a ceremony containing new and traditional prayers, songs, poems and readings reaffirming our solidarity with the Indigenous people of Chicago and the Midwest, as well as our commitment to the land and the ever-endangered planet upon which we all live.

About Chi-Nations Youth Council:

Chi-Nations Youth Council was created in 2012 and is comprised of a diverse group of youth and adults, with a mission to create a supportive open environment for Native Youth, to raise awareness of cultural identity and promote a healthy lifestyle through arts, activism, and education. They work towards this goal by strengthening community through avid volunteerism, fundraising and traditional values.

About Aurora Levins Morales:

Aurora Levins Morales is a Puerto Rican Jewish poet and writer whose work has been widely anthologized, taught at every level from elementary to graduate programs, translated into seven languages, and used around the country and beyond as prayer and protest literature.

Aurora is also the founder/director of Rimonim, a liturgy project rooted in global diasporic Jewish cultures, fully integrating Jews of Color, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews from the margins into the center of Jewish practice, creating joyous and radical new liturgies that richly blend the depth of meaning we find in words repeated for thousands of years with the spiritual, moral and political needs of this moment.

Tzedek Chicago is a proud member of the Rimonim network of partner communities.